ULAM TECH - Software House with
a young, talented team and sturtup atmosphere.
We know that we are able to do everything
in the IT world. Start working with us to check it out! :)

We create: PrestaShop online stores,
mobile applications, dedicated applications,
websites (business) and management systems.
If you have more needs, please contact us.
Remember that we are fond of challenges!

We wear slippers in our office, we love coffee, sports and ice swimming! Our developers follow the world of memes, so they don't lack a sense of humor either. We make a good and ambitious team with a professional approach to work. Following our values: business efficiency, active communication, transparency and positive impact - we are starting to work together with companies and achieve numerous successes. We know how to effectively create PrestaShop online stores, mobile applications, dedicated applications, business websites and management systems. Everything needed to improve the work of our clients. Based on many years of cooperation, we draw conclusions and implement best practices. We focus on consulting, communication and process optimization. We care about the success of our clients and long-term cooperation.

We create software that improves the world!


Our values

Business efficiency

We follow the rule to deliver real value for our clients in designing and building applications, online stores and websites. We care about the client's satisfaction with our team and smooth delivery of high quality digital products. We also understand that the most important thing for our client is that we bring business benefits and fulfill their purposes as soon as possible.

Active communication

The basis of good cooperation and understanding between team members is active communication. We are open to questions and conversation, we want to fully understand the needs of our clients.


We want the various stages of the projects to be understandable to the client, which is why we provide them with systematic reports in progress and in the course of subsequent updates. We make it possible for the client to make changes to the products depending on his business needs, even during programming, so that the final effects meet the expectations of our customers. Our documentation is consistent and transparent

Positive Impact

We ensure that our work and the resulting projects have a positive impact on the environment, customers and businesses. Ecology is important in our office, we drink filtered water, segregate garbage, 2/3 of our team is vegetarian. We are familiar with the ideas of zero waste and less-waste. We would also like to inspire our customers with them.

Our team


Bart Antczak



About our missions

Our missions

  • improving the quality of life and work of the largest groups of people by creating digital products and virtual tools,
  • providing solutions that optimize resources in order to use them more efficiently and reduce the negative impact of humans on the environment,
  • using the latest technological solutions and support its development,
  • expaning our knowledge and sharing it with others!

Successful together!